Masáž lávové kameny

It is done using special massage strokes, hot lava stones and aromatic oil. During the massage, hot lava stones are placed on the body. The temperature of the stones is around 37 ° - 40 ° C. Hot lava stones warm the whole body, help detoxify the body and also balance the energy in the body.

Massage type

Massage length

Massage price

Hot lava stones massage- part of body/ back, neck, legs or arms 50 min 750,-
Hot lava stones massage- full body/ massage / back, neck, legs and arms 90 min 1 200,-
Hot lava stones massage- face, décolletage and upper limbs 30 min 490,-
Classical regenerative massage + lava stones / back, neck

50 min

Relaxing head and neck massage with hot lava stones 30 min 400,-

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