In the Finnish sauna, the cabin is heated by cold water thrown on hot stones increasing the humidity according to the customer's needs.
Principles of Finnish sauna use:
Before the sauna session, each participant should take a shower with soap and dry thoroughly to prevent too much moisture entering the sauna. The relative humidity in the sauna should be 15% at 90 ° C. Please do not use your swimwear, if you don't feel comfortable without, use a towel or a sheet. The average sauna time is around 8 - 15 minutes. Rapid cooling of the body is done by shower or sauna bucket. After each warming and cooling, it is advisable to have a short rest. It is recommended to repeat the sauna at least three times. Longer relaxation in the relaxation room with appropriate replenishment of liquids (fruit juices, mineral water) should follow after the sauna session.



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